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BrainSlapper is a video game I designed for my own infant and toddlers.

My kids have been playing computer games almost since they were born. But the games they found on the internet were always just a bit too complicated. I got tired of them getting stuck all the time, so I set out to design the simplest game I could imagine.

If you can swing a limb, you can play. BrainSlapper. I built it for ages 6-months old and up. But be sure to read the warnings below.

Will it make your kids smarter? Who knows! It will, however, distract them for a few minutes (or longer) so you can get a desperately-needed moment of peace.

WARNING: please make sure your children don't hit your computer keyboard too hard. Both computers and little hands can be damaged if the "slapping" is done too vigororously.

Technical issue: you may need to actually mouse click on each game first, before the "slapping" will start. Sorry about that. Trying to fix it.

Comments? Contact: jderevlany@yahoo.com


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